The Viking Fleet is a fleet of dredges and tugboats owned by "The Viking" Tony Beets.


Dredge Fleet
  • Beets Dredge 1, acquired in season 4, moved to Eureka Creek in season 5, up mining in season 6
  • Beets Dredge 2, acquired in season 6, moved to Eureka Creek in season 7
Bumblebee Fleet
  • Kid Commando, old tugboat 1, from Prince Rupert, acquired in season 6 to move Dredge 2
  • Long Shot 3, old tugboat 2, acquired in season 6 to move Dredge 2
  • Beets Barge 1, 30t barge
  • Jasmine B, 60t 60ft; 60,000lbs power barge, with 15,000lb bow, which hasn't run in 30 years as of season 7, named after the Beets middle daughter


  • Brad Whitelaw, contractor for operating the power barge in the tourist off-season, who usually runs the tourist sidewheeler paddlewheeler on the Yukon River.
  • Gene Cheeseman
Dredge crews

Dredge crews are Beets crew mining crews

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