The Turbo Trommel is the wash plant used at the Quartz Creek Claim in season 3 that replaced Little Blue that was used in season 2. It showed up late and failed to run. Shortly after it arrived, the motor did not have enough power to turn the drum. After replacing the motor, the seal went out on the reverse helix causing gold to slip out the back. Todd Hoffman decides to give up on the trommel and focus all of his men and equipment on Indian River. In a later episode of the dirt, they show the trommel working on a different mine running fine.

It is a blue washplant comprising mainly of a very large trommel that is capable of running 200 yards an hour. It uses a reverse helix to classify the material.

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Giant goofy chassis-mounted trommel wash plant built with every corner cut...and then glued together with Home Depot polyurethane least in the light-duty bits like the trommel rakes.

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Geez.  Either the job was underbid, or the builder was a piece of shit.  Not for me to say which, because either case makes a case for the other.  Seriously though:  who in the hell thinks that you can use a cheap bedding compound instead of weld in a machine that rolls sandy boulders for a living?  Even a lazy-assed boatbuilder like me knows his materials well enough to not try caulking a wide joint with pookie out of a tube...not on a $5,000 scow that will never go to sea, much less a 250K piece of new mining equipment.  I would be more worried about the hardness of the welds to dream up using tub and tile caulk and a wet finger.  That machine didn't last several hours of operation!  I doubt it lasted the first 30 seconds before the gold started shitting right out of the bottom.

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