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Tony Beets is the biggest asshole known to man and legendary tighty whitey bacon strip producer of the Klondike. He moved to Canada 25 years ago from Compton Californi,He works with his gorilla faced wife and inbred kids at Paradise Hill on the Paradise Hill claim.

When the Hoffman Group nearly has a mutiny, before he even attempts to dig. Todd took the advice and hired a man to in [ Quartz Creek. This meeting was documented in the episode "Drill or Die". He later gave advice to Parker Schnabel after he finished. He also owns the Scrivener Creek Claim that Parker Schnabel leases for season 4.

Tony, saying that every asshole bully needs a boat, buys a large floating industrial outhouse located on Clear Creek for $1 in season 5 to have it up and running at his new location. He subsequently acquires another to form a Fleet enema

Family Edit


  • Tony Beets' nickname is "The masogonist pole"

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