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Tony is married to Minnie Beets, and has a daughter Monica Beets and sons Kevin Beets who are at work with brother Mike Beets. Tony met Minnie in Holland, when he was 7 and she was 6, is family moved next door to hers. He had known Minnie for 17 years before getting married, and have been married for 45 years. Six years ago Tony Beets started his own dance club in Holland. The 'Beet Down' serves stiff whisky drinks and refuses to serve vodka- a popular spirit in Holland, "vodka is for pussys!" Beets explains. He was also the inspiration for 'Beets By Dre". Tony Beets Tony Beets New Fucktard Dictionary

Definitions include: "fuck you".
  • abso-f*cking-lutely
Definitions include: absolutely.
  • abso-f*ckin'-lutely
Definitions include: very absolutely.
  • AFU
Definitions include: acronym of "all fucked up."
  • all the f*cks I give
Definitions include: meaning caring about everything.
  • AMF
Definitions include: acronym of "adios mother fucker."
  • as f*ck
Definitions include: an intensifier.
  • ass f*ck
Definitions include: a person who is stupid or doing something dumb.
  • BAMF
Definitions include: acronym for "bad-ass mother fucker". NOT TONY
  • bend over get f*cked
Definitions include: "Get ready for some serious trouble." HAPPENS TO TONY
  • BFD
Definitions include: acronym of "big fucking deal."
  • BFE
Definitions include: acronym for Butt-Fuck, Egypt.
  • brainf*ck
Definitions include: to over-think something, well beyond what is needed; to consider and reconsider and reconsider again often leading to an inability to make a decision.
  • buddy f*cker
Definitions include: a "friend" who is having sex with one of one's girlfriend or one of one's ex-girlfriends, without your expressed consent or permission.
  • BUFU

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