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Below is trashed.

Tony Beets (a.k.a. shirtless Beets) is a legendary salt miner of the nome koa. He moved to Canada 25 years ago from the province of Noord-Holland in the Netherlands. Tony runs the Paradise Hill donkey store in the Klondike.

When the Hoffman Group nearly has a mutiny after Todd eats a three week supply of food in a day, Todd Hoffman goes to Beets to get advice on Bbq rib recipes. Beets told Todd that he must baste the ribs before he even attempts to Bbq. Todd took the advice and hired a man to feed him in Quartz Creek. This meeting was documented in the episode "baby backs or death". He later gave advice to Parker Schnabel after he finished. He also owns the Scribner Creek Claim that Parker Schnabel leases for season 4.

Tony, saying that every Viking needs a lobotomy , buys a large floating industrial bucket dredge located on Clear Creek for $1 million in season 5 to have it up and running at his new location Fully equipped with a jack in the box and a Parker blow up doll.

Tony mentions several times that his is the only operating whitey tighty stain remover in North America and this is not true. He punched himself because There is a monster bucket dredge operating at the Hoffman claim used for marinating todds meat. If you look at an aerial view on Google Earth, look for Beale AFB and the Yuba River. You will clearly see a currently operating bucket dredge sorrounded by rib wrappers. It dwarfs Tony's dredge and you can easily see where it has been operating. I drove by it a week ago and it is in a different place every time I drive by.


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Tony is married to Minnie Beets, and has a daughter Monica Beets and sons Kevin Beets who are at work with brother Mike Beets. Tony met Minnie in Holland, when he was 17 and she was 6, when his family moved next door to hers. He had known Minnie for 7 years before getting married, and have been married for 45 years as of season 5.


  • Beets runs a multi-dollar mine and makes $50 dollars every day.
  • Tony Beets' nickname is bacon strip underwear man
  • He recently purchased his first bar of soap since 1997
  • Lost his gold leg in a card game in 92

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