"The Frozen North"
Season 3.5
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"The Frozen North" is the special 4th episode of Gold Rush: South America. It originally aired on August 23, 2013.


During the winter up north, Parker Schnabel embarks on a new quest at a new claim purchased by Tony Beets, the Scribner Creek Claim. Bringing only 100oz of gold for cash, he makes a deal with Todd Hoffman for his old washplant, Little Blue, and D10 Dozer. After a hard journey to the claim, the test holes reveal there is good gold at the new claim, Scribner Creek.

Meanwhile, "Dakota" Fred and Dustin Hurt have to figure out a way to their new claim, the Cahoon Creek Claim. Although initially out of luck, Dustin discovers a cable for a cable car to be used, allowing access.

The episode ends with a preview of Season 4.