A rock truck is a type of dump truck used to transport rocks and ore from one place to another at a mine. the ones shown on the show are rear-dumping articulated mining trucks, where the cab and the dump bed are able to pivot.

In the Klondike, the Hoffman Crew uses to truck between the Indian River Claim and the Quartz Creek Claim, some Volvo BM rock trucks

  • Volvo BM A35C
  • Volvo VM A40

At Porcupine Creek, in the Big Nugget Mine, the Schnabel Crew uses a rock truck

  • Volvo BM A25C

At Q.O.D. Claim, in Guyana, the Hoffman Crew uses a rock truck

  • Volvo A30E -- a 50,000lbs rock truck

Rock trucks featured on the show

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