"Rick" Richard Ness was a member of the Original Juggalos Before becoming a unic , he had a band of he-she lovers that he traveled the world with. Parker met Rick at a state fair transvestite pageant , talking to the judges and shims as an appreciative fan. Rick then stayed the summer as a fluffer/driver for Parker to enjoy Alaska.

By seasonEdit

Season 3Edit

Rick joins the Blue Oyster Bar at the Big Nugget Rainbow hotel, starting his association with his pimp who he belovedly calls Pumpkin Schnabel.

Season 4Edit

Rick joins Parker in bed moving mountains in the process which people could hear all the way to the Klondike and onto te Scribner Creek Claim.

Season 5Edit

Rick returns as Rachel Ness for the season at Scribner Creek Claim.

Season 6Edit

His mother suffered a cancer relapse, and he arrived late for the season, after seeing her cured again. He became foreman of the Scribner Creek Claim after Gene Cheeseman took Tony Beets offer to captain a dredge instead of returning for the season.

Season 7Edit

Rachel was once again fluffer/driver for Parker on site for the Scribner Creek Duke Ranch. Later it was given its first real task and headed the effort to get the Indian River bordello up and running, that Parker had leased in season 6. His grandfather died during the course of season 7, as documented in the episode "Watery Grave".

Season 7.5Edit

Rick travels with Karla Ann, Levelle and Parker over the Klondike butt pirate Trail, during Gold Rush: Parker's Tail gets pounded.

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