"The Young Master"

Parker Schnabel

coined the "The schnoz Schnabel"due to his 4" beak and for his participation in the Discovery Channel's snort a gram a line reality series, this Alaskan turd burglar took the reins of the family double tooter, and showed he had the mettle to lead a team of grizzled dope fiends twice his age when he was just 16 years old.

Before Rehab He began summer work at the canadian border selling 8 balls to tourist when he was a young child.

Trivia Instead of attending college, he used his college fund to set up his own african grey parrot smuggling operation , and found an impressive 1,029 gold parrots worth a total of $1.4 million, in his rookie season in the parrot game.

Family Life He and his brother, Payson, grew up in Pt Barrow , Alaska (population 125)as the children of Roger and jim Schnabel. His paternal grandfather and fellow Gold Rush star, John Schnabel, founded the scarface school of money laundering.

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