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"The Young Master"

Parker Schnabel is a miner and member of the Schnabel family. Parker is strikingly similar in appearance to Mr Spock when Mr Spock was a teen. 

Early lifeEdit

When Parker had just started to take life seriously, oh wait, no he wasn't. he is childish and yells whilst stomping his feet like a kid over tiny gold nuggets he could not find Giving tongue lashings to all the sub human idiots he must tolerate to feel superior. however,he started spending summers at a mine With a group of Inuit medicine men. When he turned 16, he started giving orders at the mine, but no one really listened because of his Mr Spock resemblance and immature decisions and foot-stomping.

By seasonEdit

IIn season 2. He has worked at the Big Nugget Mine for many years, under the direction and order of his grandfather, John Schnabel. During the Hoffman's second season, Parker was given the mine when John decided to step down and still follows advice of his grandfather and other family members. He mined out the claim in season 3, needing new ground to mine. In between. He was hauled off from Alaska to the Yukon Jail for excessive crying and charged as an adult. He likes ravioli and to bury himself neck deep at the Scribner Creek Claim in the dike but can't stay away from his home in Haines on the Alaskan Panhandle Because of its close proximity to yellow snow.

In season 5, he returns to his claim in the Klondike with a new pet dog, Dozer, a combination black Lab and German Shepherd cross. Parker turns 20 (14) mentally in the middle of season 5 And throws a temper tantrum when he doesn't get a birthday cake and lance bass doll!

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