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"The Young Master"

Parker Schnabel is a miner and member of the Schnabel family. Parker's net-worth is about half a million $US. Parker is the spitting image of someone who is strikingly similar in appearance to his grandfather when his grandpa was a teen.

Early lifAt the age , he started spending summers at the Big Nugget Mine. When he turned 16, he started giving orders at the mine.Edit

By seasonEdit

He was a 17 year old high school senior when he became the boss of the Big Nugget Mine in season 2. He has worked at the Big Nugget Mine for many years, under the direction and order of his grandfather, John Schnabel. During the Hoffman's second season, Parker was given the mine when John decided to step down. He has since had trouble getting his crew to follow his rule and still follows advice of his grandfather and other family members. He mined out the claim in season 3, needing new ground to mine.

In season 4, he moved off from Alaska to the Yukon and the Scribner Creek Claim in the Klondike, away from his home in Haines on the Alaskan Panhandle, with his own Parker Crew to mine it, and his college fund as seed money. In the season 4 finis brother Payson Schnabel worked out Smith Creek Hill with John Schnabel's Crew.

In season 5, returns to his claim in the Klondike, with a new pet dog, Dozer, a combination black Lab and German Shepherd cross. Parker turns 20 in the middle of season 5.

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