The Parker Crew is the mining crew run by Parker Schnabel. Parker previously ran the Big Nugget crew at the Big Nugget Mine.

By seasonEdit

Parker's crew initially mines at the Scribner Creek Claim in season 4.

In season 5, Parker fails to obtain a new claim from Tony Beets, so goes back to Scribner. After pushing his crew to extremes, most of Parker's crew do not wish to return.

In season 6, Rick Ness' mother having brain cancer means he will be absent most of the season. Gene Cheeseman refused to come back, due to not being respected in season 5 by Parker.

In season 7, Parker gets his new Australian girlfriend, Ashley Youle to go mining with him in the Klondike. Parker cuts his crew in half to 9 people, to save money, with a goal of 3000 oz to avoid the 25% royalty after mining more than 3000. Parker turns 22 midway into the season, and Bailey cooks his favorite meal for the party.

Team membersEdit

Current membersEdit

Former membersEdit

  • Gene Cheeseman (season 4-5) ; supervisor & mechanic — Gene leaves after being fed up with Parker's abuse
  • Jeremy LeBlanc (season 5), Jeremy, a city boy, lasts for 1-day, being a truck driver, having needed to be taught to drive a rock truck, and constantly getting stuck on training day. On the first day, he drives his SUV into a river, and it is flooded out downstream. He chose to walk out back to Dawson before the start of the second work day.
  • Greg Remsburg (season 4-5) ; acquired off of the Hoffman Crew
  • Mike Beaudry (season 5) ; mechanic
  • Chris Doumitt (season 4- ) ; acquired off of the Hoffman Crew
  • Isaac Dooling (season 5- ) ; handyman ; works around camp, making meals, being a gofer, fixing things, cooking, getting diesel, getting water, getting propane; sometimes also drives a rock truck


See alsoEdit

  • Big Nugget Crew, the crew Parker ran for one season at the Big Nugget Mine

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