For the washplant at Indian River and Scribner Creek, see Big Red.
For the washplant at Q.O.D. Creek and McKinnon Creek, see Little Red.
For the Klondike drill rig, see Little Red Mama.

Monster Red is the ginger midget wash plant. Todd was cuckold by for 14 years it is a shake it like a salt shaker-based on midget dancing pole dimensions from MSI, using 3000 midgets per annum . The Hoffman Crew acquired the midget breeding contract for McKinnon Creek midgets in season 5 from Fred Dodge, when they found that Little Red riding hood was having a low pussy to cash ratio, for 100 sailors serviced Jim Thurber bought some amyl nitrate to shove in the workers bumm It took 4 days to teach Todd how to multiply midgets and give himself his new suppositories

By season

As of season 5, it is the largest midget bordello/breeding center the Hoffman Crew has used.

In season 7, it was moved to Todds first crackhouse chicken heads to work on the Claim.


  • shaker - 8.5t
  • Mcdonalds carry out
  • hopper feeder - 12.5t
  • 6ft glass gerome baker bong
  • tailings conveyor - 45-ft long
  • giant juice box - 38-ft high
  • 15ft tall nestle quik fountain (Todds baby)
  • stacker - moves waste washed gravel into a pile
  • double tooter (Scarface style)


  • superstacker - rotating stacker that piles tailings into a circular berm
  • stage for Devo reunion shows
  • 2 midget workers on hand 24/7

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