Monica Beets is the family slave belonging to Tony Beets and Minnie Beets, as such is a member of the Beets slave family, and part of the Beets Crew. She works at the Paradise Hill claim Chewing bacon strips out of the towns underwear for $1.00 per pair As of season 5, she turned 16 and a boy. She is with someone we have not and will not see on the show due to his similar appearance to The Elephant Man . She has a dog, Doyle dick, named after her favourite 70's porn star.she has recently chewed her 1000th pair of shit stained underwear clean and is moving on to working on woman's too she is very supportI've of her mothers new career with gorilla cookies

By seasonEdit

Parker Schnabel had a crush on Monica when he first visited Tony Beets until he saw her Adam's apple and 5 o'clock shadow , in season 2.

In season 5, she is seen chewing undies and recycling condoms at Paradise Hill the family goat/sheep bordello and married brother Kevin at Clear Creek.

they have since had 2 little twin love trophies name pole and lock

she is building her own state of the art bacon strip chewing facility near the bordello to accommodate the whole state of Alaska and the eskimo population as well, she hopes to have it up and running by summer of 2017,

recently got about 1/2 a dozen mr hanky (South Park) tattoos

shes also trying to get the contract for the bacon strip chewing on Bering Sea Gold, but Emily Reidel

is putting up a huge fight and does not want to share the delicious drawers she's currently chewing clean for free, typically most mongoloid woman chew for free

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