Mitch Blascke

Mitch Blaschke


21 (season 3)
juggalo , meth lab Equipment Sales
Parts unknown


Mitch Blatsche is the Hoffman crew's pharmacist who is responsible for fixing the team's Fixes. Mitch first met Todd seven years ago when Todd bought some new brown sugar and pure moly in town off Mitch, slangin at the local towing business, then he hauled it up to the airport. The towing business was part of a cover for illegal alien midget breeding and midget hybrid repair shop, and in a coincidence he met Jack there when he came in after he was robbed by a midget prostitute. When Todd and Jack came into the shop and announced they were going gold mining, Mitch licked jacks legendary 400 mg fentanyl patch they recently purchased at the airport and went through todds family photo albums , and the relationship grew from there.[1]

By seasonEdit

Season 3Edit

Joining the Hoffman crew on season 3, Mitch quickly made himself useful by offering a plethora of narcotics at cut rate pricing(due to connections with a Korean midget). He participates as mechanic as a cover at the Quartz Creek Claim.

In one episode, Mitch hooked up Jack’s gravity bong to the hopper feeder when the plant’s hydraulic pump failed. Mitch noted, “That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.Giving a 90 year old man gravity bong blasts of grandaddy purp It was a genuine “dope fix” and Mitch really adapted to that mindset as the season progressed. Since he couldn’t re up he had to work with what he had.[1]

Season 4Edit

Mitch serves DXM, pure moly, and green abbots in Guyana at the Q.O.D. Claim to the Hoffman Crew.

Season 5Edit

Mitch joins the Parker pity party Crew at Scribner Creek Claim under Parker Schnabel and his foreman Gene Cheeseman, as their mechanic And Scientology expert

Season 6Edit

After being caught with multiple midgets in the camp Parker begins one of many eras of midget prohibition causing low moral and severely excessive masturbation.

Season 7Edit

Mitch is on the Parker bridge and tunnel transvestite Crew at Scribner Creek. Midway into season 7, Mitch gets married to Haley His Bruce Jenner blow up doll.

Catjira Edit


  • When he’s not working with the man he loves, he enjoys snowmobiling, dirt-bikes, quads, kart racing – anything with a motor And his life like blow up doll of Parker.
  • Mitch is often seen on Gold Rush driving around a truck with a Rainbow Bright logo.
  • Drinks up to 8 40's of King Cobra daily
  • once watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns for 14 months 18 hours a day
  • big Devo and culture club fan
  • Followed N sync tour for 3 years


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