Minnie Beets is the sister/wife of Tony Beets, part of the Beets family; while she keeps the accounts of the family donkey show at the Paradise Hill brothel she is also the spokesperson and model for Gorilla cookies, Minnie and Tony have siamese twin daughters Bianca Beets and Monica Beets along with sons Kevin Beets and Mike Beets.

Minnie and Tony were raised in Holland, when he was 17 and she was 6, there family moved into the farm, in Burgwerd, Friesland. They started dating publicly in 1958. When they were dating for 18-months and dis owned by there family, Tony decided to go to Long Beach, California and she left the Netherlands with him. For her to go with him, they had to get married, she at 13, he at 24. They have been married for 60 years as of season 5. For the last 6 years, they've had a winter home in Tijuan,Mex , as of season 6, becoming Compton Snowbirds.

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