The following is a list of seasons of Gold Rush. As of August 20, 2017, 15 seasons have aired including special seasons.


# Title Original airdates Summary
Season 1 Gold Rush: Alaska 2010-2011 The Hoffman Crew mine placer gold deposits in the Alaskan Panhandle
Season 2 Gold Rush 2011-2012 The Hoffman Crew are moved to The Yukon's Klondike, while the Dakota Boys takeover the Alaskan claim
Season 2.5 Gold Rush: The Jungle 2012 Documents the Hoffmans' first foray into Guyana, South America
Season 3 Gold Rush 2012-2013 The Hoffman Crew add a second Yukon Klondike claim, while the Schnabels are added to the show on their longrunning Alaskan claim, and the Dakota Boys stay on their claim
Season 3.5 Gold Rush: South America 2013 The Hoffman Crew go prospecting in Peru, Chile, Guyana in South America; Parker Schnabel goes prospecting in The Klondike
Season 4 Gold Rush 2013-2014 The Hoffman Crew mine in Guyana, the Parker Crew mine in the Klondike, the Dakota Boys mine in Alaska
Season 4.5 Grandpa's Last Wish 2014 Parker Schnabel and Payson Schnabel join together to seek out the gold in the hillside at the Big Nugget Mine Claim that John Schnabel has dreamt of.
Season 5 Gold Rush 2014-2015 The Hoffman Crew, Parker Crew, Beets Crew, Dodge Crew, all mine in the Klondike. The Beets Crew set up an industrial bucket dredge.
Season 6 Gold Rush 2015-2016 The Hoffman Crew, Parker Crew, Beets Crew, all mine in the Klondike
Season 7 Gold Rush 2016-2017 The Parker Crew and Beets Crew mine in the Klondike. The Hoffman Crew first mines in Oregon then moves to Colorado
Season 7.5 Gold Rush: Parker's Trail 2017 Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness retrace the steps of the Klondike miners of the Klondike Gold Rush on their journey from the Alaskan coast to the Klondike gold fields

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