The Indian River Claim are claims along the Indian River.

One is 2 miles from the Quartz Creek Claim. This claim is 35 miles from the Scribner Creek Claim, with a 2000-ft tall Quartz Hill on the road in between.

Another is 6 miles down the road from the Scribner Creek Claim. It is 15 miles west of the other claim.

By seasonEdit

Season 3Edit

It was leased by the Hoffman Crew to mine during season 3, a few miles from Quartz Creek Claim. It produced almost all of the gold of the crew in season 3, due to repeated breakdowns at the Quartz Creek Claim. This claim used Big Red wash plant, which worked, unlike the Turbo Trommel used at Quartz Creek in season 3.

Season 7Edit

It was leased by the Parker Crew to mine during season 7. Parker Schnabel moved Big Red from the Scribner Creek Claim the 6 miles to the Indian River Claim.


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