Grandpa's Last Wish is a special episode of Gold Rush that aired after the end of season 4, taking place right after the end of season 4. It involves Parker Schnabel coming back for winter to Haines, Alaska, USA, returning from the Klondike, in Yukon, Canada. He wants to fulfill his grandpa's dying wish, to see gold mined from Smith Creek Hill, at the Big Nugget Mine on the Big Nugget Claim. Grandpa John Schnabel had just returned from cancer treatments, and feels down, like he was running out of time.

Parker and brother Payson Schnabel proceed to dig out Smith Creek Hill. He also uses Greg Grogan from the Big Nugget Crew. Parker recruits Rick Ness from his crew in the Yukon to bring in a monitor to help mine.

At the end, they find colors and a nugget, when winter freeze-up occurs breaking John Schnabel washplant at the mine.

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