Gold Rush is a great show. They have alot of great people who work their butts off. Many People say they are horrible because they tear up ground and dig into it. Well thats their opinion. Not everyone is going to agree with me, but I know what I believe. I believe that Gold Rush has their good and bad times and a lot happens, but if you can get up an try it again, then your awesome. My favorite person out of everyone is Parker Schnabel. Yeah he is a good guy, even though his attitude don't show it. You can't really judge someone unless you really know him. Yeah I don't really know Parker, but atleast I have faith in him. I've been seeing all these rude comments on Twitter, Facebook, and here. That is very inappropriate. If you have rude comments about anyone, then just keep them to yourself. It's not right to call somebody out and be disrespectful. Maybe if you think you can get away with saying rude things over the internet, maybe you should just see Parker in person and tell him what you think. You will regret all those rude comments. Spend a day with him and you'll rethink what you said. You  don't know him that well, so don't judge him on TV. I think it would be cool to meet Parker. I would be the happiest person ever. I love Parker and he's my inspiration. I don't care if his attitude isn't so great, its his work that makes him awesome. He's like 19 years old and people are trying to tell him what to say? Wow, he's an adult and he can make his own choices. He's not a baby, or child so leave him alone. He should be able to say what he wants without people falling behind and putting him down.  And people saying Parker is doing drugs? Honestly I don't know, but you can't just sit there and say he does drugs because of his appearance. Well his appearance is fine. He looks like a person who DOESN'T do drugs or anything of that sort. He really is a great guy. People need to have some respect for Parker.

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