Gold Rush: South America (originally called Gold Rush: The Offseason) is a spinoff of Gold Rush. It features the Hoffman Crew as they journey to South America during the offseason between Season 3 and Season 4. It is similar to Gold Rush: The Jungle, that took place between season 2 and season 3. It began on August 2, 2013. It is set in South America, and features locations in Peru, Chile, Guyana.


# Title Original airdate
0 "The Dirt: The Manventure" 2013 August 2
Preseason special
1 "Peruvian Gold" 2013 August 2
The Hoffman Crew go to Peru in South America to prospect for alluvial gold. A dangerous bus crash on the access road to the mine convince the crew to move on.
2 "Chilean Gold" 2013 August 9
The Hoffman Crew go to Chile in South America to prospect for placer gold in the desert.
3 "Guyanese Gold" 2013 August 16
The Hoffman Crew go to Guyana in South America to prospect for paydirt gold in the jungle, for the second year, after the previous year's efforts in The Jungle.
4 "The Frozen North" 2013 August 23
Reviews the new claims for the Dakota Crew at the Cahoon Creek Claim, the Hoffman Crew at the Q.O.D. Claim, and the travails of Parker Schnabel in setting up his new claim at Scribner Creek Claim, for Season 4.
5 "The Ends of the Earth" 2013 August 30
Post-season special for "South America"
6 "The Dirt: Mucho Frickin' Oro" 2013 August 30
Post-season special
7 "Pay Dirt: Chilean Gold"
Special expanded bonus episode of Chilean Gold

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