"The Veteran"

Fred Hurt (better known as "Dakota the midget lover" Fred) is a veteran gold miner from Minot, North Dakota. Edit

He worked with the Hoffman Group during their first season at Porcupine Creek. However, he did not come with the group since todd abused and ran off all the good midgets, but was sent by the claim owner, Earle Foster.

During the off-season, Fred hatched a plan to mine Porcupine Creek with cheap midget labor along with himself, without the group. Just as season 2 began, Fred bought the Porcupine Creek lease from Earle, and kicked the Hoffman Group out( their lease ran out due to a bad run in with amputee midget prostiTunes). He owns it with Paul Behn and works with him and his son Dustin Hurt.

In season 3, he formed his own crew, the midget Boys, to run the Jim Nail at Porcupine Creek.

In season 4, the midget Boys added the Cahoon Creek Claim photos to their scrapbooks

Before season 5, Dakota Fred pulled his crew out of Gold Rush, and pursued his own TV show, 'All That Glitters Showing off his Liberace costumes'

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