Favron Enterprises is a company run by the Favron family. The company owns 169 claims. The company has been one of the few friendly miners to the TV show, and has helped out the TV show in their production and filming. The Favron family has been reclaiming their old claims before regulations even started requiring it. They have been mining since the original Klondike Goldrush since 1898. Guy Favron is the current patriarch and fourth-generation miner. Guy is married to Lisa. Lisa Favron's great grandfather climbed the pass after coming from Finland. Her grandfather was also a placer miner. Bailey Favron, Guy and Lisa's daughter Bailey Favron also works in the company. Paul Favron, Guy's father built Big Blue, the largest one piece washplant in the Yukon, that only takes two people to move. It is the namesake of the Hoffman washplant Little Blue.

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