The Carmacks claim is a remote virgin claim in the Yukon, high on FreeGoldMountain. It has a history of large nuggets. It has been prospected several times, and been boreholed. The claim is named after George Washington Carmack, who lived on the land. In 1896, his discovery of gold launched the Klondike Gold Rush. A creek runs through the claim, which lies in a small narrow valley, with a low water flow.

The claims in the mining claim in the Carmacks area and their creek were bought up by Derek Dodge about 25 years ago. Fred bought about half of them off his brother a while back.

Fred Dodge and his brother Derek Dodge came to the Hoffmans with an offer to mine it prior to the start of season 4, however the Hoffmans chose to go to Guyana. The Dodges then proceed to work the claim. Freddy and Derek are 50-50 partners on the Claim. This claim is the first time the brothers have worked a claim together. Their age difference is about a generation between older brother Derek and younger brother Freddy.

The plan on the claim is to hunt for big nuggets in the higher placer deposits, a risky hit and miss strategy.

By seasonEdit

The claim was worked in season 4 by the Dodge family on the Dodge crew, composed of Fred, Derek, and Fred's sister-in-law Irene Dodge, and Fred's daughter Nikki Dodge. The stream on the claim carried alot of coarse gold, and the Dodges used the D-Rocker that Derek built as their primary washplant, combined with three sluice systems, nugget traps, fine gold traps. In season 4, they found a 5-oz nugget.

In season 5, they found a 2.5-oz nugget. Dave Turin starts the season working for wages for the Dodge Crew. Midway through the season, at the 6th week, Dave leaves for the McKinnon Creek Claim, buying in at 50% on the Hoffman operation, with 50 days left in the season. After failing to hit good ground, the Dodges use ground penetrating radar (GPR) to survey the creek, along with an aerial drone (plane-type, unlike the helicopter-type camera drones used by the show staff) to map the creek. With 4 weeks left in the season, the D8 Dozer's undercarriage breaks down for the season. Heavy rains threatened to overtop their washplant feed pond's dam on the Creek, which they had to use their pump to pump out to a safe level, as the spillway was not sufficient. By the end of the season, they reach an alluvial fan where a lot of large nuggets were dropped, making their season.


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