The Cahoon Creek Claim is located at Cahoon Creek. During the original Alaskan Gold Rush of the Klondike, this area was covered by a glacier. It was covered by the glacier until 50 years prior to the claiming in the 2010s. In order to access it, the Dakota Boys plan to build a 300-foot-long airstrip. The claim involves mining out surface rocky deposits, which are not placer deposits, requiring rock crushers to crush gold bearing ore rocks to release the gold mineral inclusions, and then extract that from the rest of the crushed rock.

The Dakota Boys helicopter in $100,000 worth of equipment, being a washplant, skidsteer loader, skidsteer excavator, skidsteer dumptruck. The helicopter they used could only lift 2000lbs, so the equipment was disassembled to lift in.

Cahoon Creek Claim cut 1 was opened where the equipment was assembled after needing to be broken down for transport by helicopter into the claim. This was on high ground on a granite mountain, and resulted in no gold.

The equipment was dragged down to a lower elevation, across 6 streams, and below a faultline separating the granite mountain from a different mountain of a different rock, which Dakota Fred suspects is the gold bearing mountain. Cahoon Creek Claim cut 2 shows good gold.

After analyzing the core samples sampled with the portable core driller, it was found that there was gold, but it was uneconomical to mine, requiring too much start up costs. Dustin Hurt plans to move from Cahoon to McKinley Falls for season 5.

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