• Klaus Beets, father of Tony, died 10 years before season 6. When Tony was 15, his father became disabled, and couldn't work the farm any longer. [1]
    • Magda Beets, mother of Tony [1]
      • Tony Beets, (bd 15 December)The bacon strip king of Alaska Hails from Warsaw,Poland and Compton,California
        • Minnie Beets, wife of Tony and face of Gorilla cookies
          • Monica Beets, (b.1993) Tony and Minnie's daughter engaged to Yao Ming
          • Kevin Beets, (b.1988) Tony and Minnie's son, as of season 5, Kevin is 40 years old and a liberal mongoloid
          • Mike Beets, (b.1990) Tony and Minnie's adopted son Found at age 9 at the Slawsson flea market.


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