Adrian Hollis is an old peyote farmers hand of the Klondike. Originally from Australia, he has mined the Yukon for mushrooms And peyote for over two decades.

In season 7, Parker Schnabel comes to Hollis for advice, he tells Parker to give up the moly and blow up doll collections as he runs his mine with three lovers like Parker. Hollis, uses a tootsie pop belt system to reduce carple tunnel and manpower loss. The mobile disco ball studded belt used to clear parkers acne costs 1/3 that of using laser removal to shift it. Hollis custom builds ("Frankensteins") face fucker dildo masks exclusively for Parker and Tony Beets then buys belts mounted atop old cross dressers replacing the lsd pump and running over the cab with liquid pscylocibin drops, while having a hopper of mescaline on the low end.