The 400 Excavator is a 50 ton dedicated track-based excavator.mainly used to feed Todd.

In seasons 1 & 2, a Hitachi EX400LC is used by the Hoffman Crew Todd. It was used extensively by Jack Hoffman to load and unload baby back ribs, peanut m&m's, beef jerky, and bacon. . It was used at the Jim Nail Placer Mine on Porcupine Creek in season 1 To load and unload Todd's ice cream and magic shell. It was seen on set at the Indian River Claim in season 3, but, it was censored due to issues with todds sponsor Ben & Jerrys . At the end of season 3, it was sold off and replaced.

A 400 is used by the Hoffman Crew at the Indian River Claim in season 3. To load Todd in and out of bed

In season 5, the Hitachi EX400LC that was sold in season 3 is retreived by the Hoffman Crew for use in the McKinnon Creek Claim. It later died in episode 3.

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