363 YAO is the Yukon license plate for the hopper feeder trailer. The hopper feeder was acquired by Parker Schnabel for the Scribner Creek Claim to feed the Little Blue washplant.

363 YAO is a 20,000lbs hopper feeder, mounted on a single-axle trailer. It has a large hopper capable of taking a loader's dump, which is equipped with grizzly bars to filter out large rocks.

Tony Beets required that the Parker Crew up their processing rate for yards of dirt run through the washplant to twice what they were managing. The only way to do this was to add a hopper feeder, as feeding the hopper directly was slow, due to the capacity and configuration of the hopper on Little Blue, and that there were no grizzly bars to reject outsized material that would block the hopper feeding the conveyor system.

At the end of season 4, it was moved temporarily to Big Nugget Mine